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The package can be installed by enabling the “ropensci” r-universe, and using install.packages():

options (repos = c (
    ropensci = "",
    CRAN = ""
install.packages ("deposits")

Alternatively, the package can be installed directly from GitHub with the following command:

remotes::install_github ("ropenscilabs/deposits")

The package can then be loaded for use with:

Setup: API Tokens

All services require users to create an account and then to generate API (“Application Programming Interface”) tokens. Click on the following links to generate tokens, also listed as sequences of menu items used to reach token settings:

It is not necessary to create or register applications on any of these services; this package uses personal tokens only. The tokens need to be stored as local environment variables the names of which must include the names of the respective services, as defined by the “name” column returned from deposits_service(), as shown above. This can be done as in the following example:

Sys.setenv ("ZENODO_SANDBOX_TOKEN" = "<my-token")

Alternatively, these tokens can be stored in a ~/.Renviron file, where they will be automatically loaded into every R session.