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Development is a community effort, and we encourage participation.

Code of Conduct

The environment for collaboration should be friendly, inclusive, respectful, and safe for everyone, so all participants must obey this repository’s code of conduct.


drake thrives on the suggestions, questions, and bug reports you submit to the issue tracker. Before posting, please search both the open and closed issues to help us avoid duplication. Usage questions are welcome, but you may also wish to post to Stack Overflow with the drake-r-package tag.

Be considerate of the maintainer’s time and make it as easy as possible to troubleshoot any problems you identify. Read here and here to learn about minimal reproducible examples. Format your code according to the tidyverse style guide to make it easier for others to read.


If you would like to work on the code or documentation, please fork this repository, make the changes in your fork, and then submit a pull request. We will discuss your work and then hopefully merge it into the project.