For internal use only. The only reason this function is exported is to set up parallel socket (PSOCK) clusters without too much fuss.

do_prework(config, verbose_packages)



A configured workflow from drake_config().


logical, whether to print package startup messages


Inivisibly returns NULL.


if (FALSE) { isolate_example("Quarantine side effects.", { if (suppressWarnings(require("knitr"))) { load_mtcars_example() # Get the code with drake_example("mtcars"). # Create a master internal configuration list with prework. con <- drake_config(my_plan, prework = c("library(knitr)", "x <- 1")) # Do the prework. Usually done at the beginning of `make()`, # and for distributed computing backends like "future_lapply", # right before each target is built. do_prework(config = con, verbose_packages = TRUE) # The `eval` element is the environment where the prework # and the commands in your workflow plan data frame are executed. identical(con$eval$x, 1) # Should be TRUE. } }) }