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Objects that drake imported, built, or attempted to build are listed as "done" or "running". Skipped objects are not listed.


  list = character(0),
  cache = drake::drake_cache(path = path),
  path = NULL,
  progress = NULL



Objects to load from the cache, as names (unquoted) or character strings (quoted). If the tidyselect package is installed, you can also supply dplyr-style tidyselect commands such as starts_with(), ends_with(), and one_of().


Character vector naming objects to be loaded from the cache. Similar to the list argument of remove().


drake cache. See new_cache(). If supplied, path is ignored.


Path to a drake cache (usually a hidden .drake/ folder) or NULL.


Character vector for filtering the build progress results. Defaults to NULL (no filtering) to report progress of all objects. Supported filters are "done", "running", and "failed".


The build progress of each target reached by the current make() so far.


if (FALSE) {
isolate_example("Quarantine side effects.", {
if (suppressWarnings(require("knitr"))) {
load_mtcars_example() # Get the code with drake_example("mtcars").
make(my_plan) # Run the project, build the targets.
# Watch the changing drake_progress() as make() is running.
drake_progress() # List all the targets reached so far.
drake_progress(small, large) # Just see the progress of some targets.
drake_progress(list = c("small", "large")) # Same as above.