Outdated targets will be rebuilt in the next make(). outdated() does not show dynamic sub-targets.

outdated(..., make_imports = TRUE, do_prework = TRUE, config = NULL)



Arguments to make(), such as plan and targets and envir.


Logical, whether to make the imports first. Set to FALSE to save some time and risk obsolete output.


Whether to do the prework normally supplied to make().


Deprecated (2019-12-21). A configured workflow from drake_config().


Character vector of the names of outdated targets.

See also


if (FALSE) { isolate_example("Quarantine side effects.", { if (suppressWarnings(require("knitr"))) { load_mtcars_example() # Get the code with drake_example("mtcars"). # Recopute the config list early and often to have the # most current information. Do not modify the config list by hand. outdated(my_plan) # Which targets are out of date? make(my_plan) # Run the projects, build the targets. # Now, everything should be up to date (no targets listed). outdated(my_plan) } }) }