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Set and get API key


eia_set_key(key, store = c("env", "options", "sysenv"))

eia_get_key(store = c("env", "options", "sysenv"))



character, API key.


character, method for storing API key. See details.


eia_get_key() returns the key string or NULL with a warning. eia_set_key() returns a success message or an error.


Setter and getter helpers allow you to store your EIA API key in one of three ways. Their use is optional. You can always pass the API key string to the key argument of any package function that requires it, but you do not have to.

By default the key argument for these functions is key = eia_get_key(). If your key has been stored in a manner that can be retrieved, then you can call all the package API functions without having to provide the key argument repeatedly.

Key storage methods

If you have already set your key globally somewhere using eia_set_key(), eia_get_key() will retrieve it. You can add the EIA_KEY = "yourkey" key-value pair to options() or as a system environment variable yourself and eia_get_key() will pick it up as long as you use the name EIA_KEY. For convenience you can do this in your R session with eia_set_key(). It gives you three options for how to store the key. The default is to use the eia package environment that is created when the package is loaded.


Choose one method when setting a key. When getting the key, the three locations are checked in the order: package environment, options(), then the system environment. To override the order, specify the method explicitly and the check will only occur there. This also makes it possible to override a system level key by working with one stored in the package environment or options().


Note that none of these three storage methods, including "sysenv" are persistent; the stored key is lost when the R session is terminated. A key that is stored outside of R as a system environment variable is retrievable with eia_get_key(), just like those set in an R session with eia_set_key() and store = "sysenv". However, if you truly want the key to persist as an environment variable when R terminates, you must manually add it somewhere like .Renviron; Sys.setenv in R cannot achieve this.


#> Key stored successfully in package environment.
#> [1] "fake"
# eia_get_key("options") # `NULL` with warning if not set where specified