essurvey 1.0.7

  • CRAN maintenance release. All vignettes are now precompiled to avoid errors when the ESS website breaks for some reason.
  • ess_email environmental variable has been renamed to ESS_EMAIL to comply with Github Actions standards

essurvey 1.0.6

  • CRAN maintenance release to fix Solaris warnings Warning in engine$weave(file, quiet = quiet, encoding = enc) : Pandoc (>= 1.12.3) and/or pandoc-citeproc not available. Falling back to R Markdown v1 on CRAN. Tested on Rhub and all passes OK, notifying CRAN.

  • Removes automatic citation message when loading package. It’s actually annoying.

essurvey 1.0.5

CRAN maintenance release to add more informative message when the status code of the HTTP request of ‘’ is more than 300.