Return available SDDF rounds for a country in the European Social Survey

show_sddf_cntrounds(country, ess_email = NULL)



A character of length 1 with the full name of the country. Use show_countries for a list of available countries.


a character vector with your email, such as "[email protected]". If you haven't registered in the ESS website, create an account at A preferred method is to login through set_email.


numeric vector with available rounds for country


SDDF data are the equivalent weight data used to analyze the European Social Survey properly. For more information, see the details section of import_sddf_country. As an exception to the show_* family of functions, show_sddf rounds needs your ESS email to check which rounds are available. Be sure to add it with set_email.


if (FALSE) { set_email("[email protected]") show_sddf_cntrounds("Spain") }