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Initiates a Data Package object, either from scratch or from an existing list. This Data Package object is a list with the following characteristics:

  • A datapackage subclass.

  • All properties of the original descriptor.

  • A resources property, set to an empty list if undefined.

  • A directory property, set to "." for the current directory if undefined. It is used as the base path to access resources with read_resource().


create_package(descriptor = NULL)



List to be made into a Data Package object. If undefined, an empty Data Package will be created from scratch.


Data Package object.


The function will run check_package() on the created package to make sure it is valid.

See also

Other create functions: create_schema()


# Create a Data Package
package <- create_package()

#> A Data Package with 0 resources.
#> Use `unclass()` to print the Data Package as a list.

# See the structure of the (empty) Data Package
#> List of 2
#>  $ resources: list()
#>  $ directory: chr "."
#>  - attr(*, "class")= chr [1:2] "datapackage" "list"