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gbifdb 1.0.0

CRAN release: 2023-10-19

  • gbif_download() now uses minioclient as a backend, offering dramatically (100x+) better performance, especially on multi-core machines with high bandwidth network connections.

  • gbif_local() now defaults to duckdb backend, and utilizes duckdbfs to streamline the interface. The latest performance of duckdb is substantially better than alternatives.

Breaking changes

  • gbif_conn() is deprecated

gbifdb 0.1.2

CRAN release: 2022-05-21

  • include links in DESCRIPTION to the unpublished methods implemented in arrow and duckdb for high-performance access.
  • update documentation to include return value on all exported functions.

gbifdb 0.1.1

  • Automatically detect latest release (see gbif_version()). Works with local and remote sources, can also report all available versions.
  • add gbif_local() to return a remote table instead of a connection; paralleling the use of gbif_remote()
  • gbif_conn() (and thus gbif_local() ) gain the ability to use arrow as a backend to duckdb, and this is now the default. This improves performance and avoids crashes when all columns are requested.
  • default bucket set to “us-east-1” (across both gbif_download() and gbif_remote())
  • gbif_download() now automatically detects versions, downloads parquet files to a path that parallels the remote path (using release-specific subdirectories), and allows bucket to be configured.
  • set to_duckdb=TRUE by default in gbif_remote(), creating a consistent lazy-table interface with support for windowed functions
  • gbif_conn() (and gbif_local()) now automatically detect the path of most recent GBIF version in gbif_dir(). No more need to to manually set path for occurrence.parquet/ subfolder.
  • documentation improved.