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gistr is a light interface to GitHub’s gists for R.

Get started with the docs:

See also:

  • git2r an R client for the libgit2 C library by Stefan Widgren
  • gert Simple git client for R by Jeroen Ooms
  • gistfo for turning your untitled RStudio tabs into gists!


Stable version from CRAN

Or dev version from GitHub.

#> Attaching package: 'gistr'
#> The following objects are masked from 'package:stats':
#>     embed, update


  • Please report any issues or bugs.
  • License: MIT
  • Get citation information for gistr in R doing citation(package = 'gistr')
  • Please note that this package is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.