Clone the package git repository as a bare repository to pkg/inst/pkg.git

bundle_r_package(repo = ".")



a path to a repository or a git_repository object. Default is '.'


Invisible bundled git_repository object


if (FALSE) { ## Initialize repository path <- tempfile() dir.create(path) path <- file.path(path, "git2r") repo <- clone("", path) ## Bundle bare repository in package bundle_r_package(repo) ## Build and install bundled package wd <- setwd(dirname(path)) system(sprintf("R CMD build %s", path)) pkg <- list.files(".", pattern = "[.]tar[.]gz$") system(sprintf("R CMD INSTALL %s", pkg)) setwd(wd) ## Reload package detach("package:git2r", unload = TRUE) library(git2r) ## Summarize last five commits of bundled repo repo <- repository(system.file("git2r.git", package = "git2r")) invisible(lapply(commits(repo, n = 5), summary)) ## Plot content of bundled repo plot(repo) }