hddtools 0.8.3 Unreleased

  • Updated URLs of SEPA and MOPEX data sources
  • Removed obsolete dependencies
  • Amended URLs
  • Simplified API
  • Switched from download.file to downloader::download() to better work cross platform

hddtools 0.8.2 2018-08-09

  • Connection to TRMM database removed as the web service is no longer available.
  • Fixed problem with Rd file which prevented the manual to be created.
  • Fixed problem with URL in DESCRIPTION file

hddtools 0.8.1 Unreleased

  • Any reference to TRMM database was removed as the web service is no longer available.

hddtools 0.8 Unreleased

  • tsGRDC function: this function now returns 6 tables (see documentation) according to latest updates on the GRDC side.
  • GRDC data catalogue was updated in October 2017.

hddtools 0.7 2017-04-02

  • TRMM function: this function has been temporarily removed from hddtools v0.7 as the ftp at NASA containing the data has been migrated. A new function is under development.

hddtools 0.6 2017-03-03

  • TRMM function: set method for download.file to “auto” and added to arguments
  • TRMM function: downloaded files are in temporary folder
  • TRMM function: removed inputfileLocation
  • TRMM function: added support for 3B42
  • HadDAILY function removed as the service is no longer available
  • The output of catalogueGRDC() is now a tibble table

hddtools 0.5 2017-02-04

  • Updated all the links to show the new repository (rOpenSci)

hddtools 0.4 Unreleased

  • Added a vignette
  • Added paper for submission to JOSS
  • Fixed bug with the TRMM function (for Windows users)

hddtools 0.3 Unreleased

  • Added unist tests (using testthat framework),
  • Added Travis CI
  • Added Appveyor

hddtools 0.2 Unreleased

  • Added functions to get data from the following source:

    • TRMM
    • DATA60UK
    • MOPEX
    • GRDC
    • SEPA
    • Met Office Hadley Centre

hddtools 0.1 2014-08-13

  • Initial release