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This function interfaces the Global Runoff Data Centre database which provides river discharge data for almost 1000 sites over 157 countries.




This function returns a data frame made with the following columns:

  • grdc_no: GRDC station number

  • wmo_reg: WMO region

  • sub_reg: WMO subregion

  • river: river name

  • station: station name

  • country: 2-letter country code (ISO 3166)

  • lat: latitude, decimal degree

  • long: longitude, decimal degree

  • area: catchment size, km2

  • altitude: height of gauge zero, m above sea level

  • d_start: daily data available from year

  • d_end: daily data available until year

  • d_yrs: length of time series, daily data

  • d_miss: percentage of missing values (daily data)

  • m_start: monthly data available from

  • m_end: monthly data available until

  • m_yrs: length of time series, monthly data

  • m_miss: percentage of missing values (monthly data)

  • t_start: earliest data available

  • t_end: latest data available

  • t_yrs: maximum length of time series, daily and monthly data

  • lta_discharge: mean annual streamflow, m3/s

  • r_volume_yr: mean annual volume, km3

  • r_height_yr: mean annual runoff depth, mm


Claudia Vitolo


if (FALSE) {
  # Retrieve the catalogue
  GRDC_catalogue_all <- catalogueGRDC()