hydroscoper 1.3 (Release date: 2020-07-03) 2020-03-07

  • update dependencies

hydroscoper 1.2 (Release date: 2019-06-02) 2019-06-04

  • This version removes plyr dependency.

hydroscoper 1.1.1 (Release date: 2018-08-25) 2018-08-25

  • This version fixes the errors found in CRAN Package Check Results.

hydroscoper 1.1.0 (Release date: 2018-07-06) 2018-07-06

  • New functionality:

    • find_stations() returns a tibble with the nearest hydroscope’s stations’ distances using a given point coordinates.

hydroscoper 1.0.0 (Release date: 2018-03-16) 2018-03-16

  • hydroscoper was transferred to rOpenSci: https://github.com/ropensci/hydroscoper

  • General

    • This is a major update. All the functions are rewritten utilizing the Enhydris API.
    • The included data in the package cover all Hydroscope’s databases.
    • Add vignettes “An introduction to hydroscoper” and “Using hydroscoper’s data”.
    • Add package documentation site.
    • Use pingr package to check if a sub-domain is alive.
    • All the functions return tibbles.
    • Add greece_borders dataset.
  • New functionality:

  • Changes

    • get_stations and get_timeseries use the Enhydris API and are considerably faster.
    • get_data uses lower case variable naming: date, value, comment
  • Defuncs

    • get_coords has been removed from the package. Please use hydro_coords to convert Hydroscope’s points’ raw format to a tibble.

hydroscoper 0.1.0 (Release date: 2017-12-22) 2017-12-22

  • Initial submission to CRAN.