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High-level functions

These functions offers an intuitive and user-friendly way to import (and possibly) transform multiple files at once in a given location. Please refer to the Batch import with lr_get_spec() and lr_get_metadata() vignette.

Extract spectral data from spectra files
Extract metadata from spectra files
Convert spectral data files to csv files

Low-level parsers

These functions are destined to advanced users that want a more flexible way to import spectral data. They can only read a single file at a time and users are responsible for writing a loop if necessary. . Please refer to the Renormalise spectral data with a custom reference vignette.

Generic function to parse spectra files that don't have a specific parser
lr_parse_jaz() lr_parse_jazirrad()
Parse OceanInsight converted file
Parse OceanInsight JCAMP-DX (.jdx) file
Parse OceanInsight ProcSpec file
Parse SPC binary file
lr_parse_trm() lr_parse_abs() lr_parse_roh() lr_parse_rfl8() lr_parse_raw8() lr_parse_irr8()
Parse Avantes binary file
lr_parse_ttt() lr_parse_trt()
Parse Avantes converted file

Internal functions

Internal function to dispatch files to the correct parser
lightr lightr-package
lightr: Read Spectrometric Data and Metadata
Compute processed spectral data