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Queries the POWER API returning detailed information on available parameters.


query_parameters(community = NULL, par = NULL, temporal_api = NULL)



An optional character vector providing community name: “ag”, “sb” or “re”.


An optional character vector of a single solar, meteorological or climatology parameter to query. If unsure, omit this argument for for a full list of all the parameters available for each temporal API and community.


An optional character vector indicating the temporal API end-point for data being queried, supported values are “hourly”, “daily”, “monthly” or “climatology”.


A list object of information for the requested parameter(s) (if requested), community and temporal API.


If par is not provided all possible parameters for the provided community, community and temporal API, temporal_api will be returned. If only a single parameter is supplied with no community or temporal_api then the complete attribute information for that parameter will be returned for all possible communities and temporal APIs combinations. If all three values are provided, only the information for that specific combination of parameter, temporal API and community will be returned.

Argument details for temporal_api

There are four valid values.


The hourly average of pars by hour, day, month and year.


The daily average of pars by day, month and year.


The monthly average of pars by month and year.


Provide parameters as 22-year climatologies (solar) and 30-year climatologies (meteorology); the period climatology and monthly average, maximum, and/or minimum values.


Adam H. Sparks,


if (FALSE) { # interactive()

# fetch the complete set of attribute information for "T2M".
query_parameters(par = "T2M")

# fetch complete temporal and community specific attribute information
# for "T2M" in the "ag" community for the "hourly" temporal API.
query_parameters(par = "T2M",
                 community = "ag",
                 temporal_api = "hourly")

# fetch complete temporal and community specific attribute information
# for all parameters in the "ag" community for the "hourly" temporal API.
query_parameters(community = "ag",
                 temporal_api = "hourly")