nasapower (development version) Unreleased

nasapower 3.0.1 2020-10-24

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug where Solar Radiation, “ALLSKY_SFC_SW_DWN”, and perhaps others that were missed, return a numeric -99.00 value rather than the proper NA for missing data. Thanks to Fernando Miguez,, for the assistance in isolating the issue.

nasapower 3.0.0 2020-10-10

Major Changes to Functionality

  • Due to the removal of the CRAN package APSIM from CRAN, the removal of the create_met() function has been implemented sooner than expected to keep nasapower on CRAN.

  • Deprecates create_met()

Bug fixes

  • Properly deprecates create_icasa()

nasapower 2.0.0 2020-09-23

Bug Fixes

  • Correct any missing or redirecting URLs

  • Replace deprecated subclass with class in new_tibble()

Major Changes to Functionality

  • Following a UNIX-like philosophy, this release removes functionality to write APSIM .met and DSSAT ICASA files to disk. nasapower now will only fetch the appropriate data and return a tibble() object in-session, please use apsimx or the POWER web API data access viewer,, for fetching and/or writing .met or .icasa files, respectively. Note that create_icasa() ideally should have been deprecated, but the server was not responding properly when queried for some time before the current release of nasapower so the function has been removed.

  • Add ability to get_power() to accept a user-provided site_elevation parameter that is passed to the API. When this is used it will return a corrected atmospheric pressure value adjusted to the elevation provided.

Minor and Internal Changes

  • Use newest values from POWER team to validate user inputs for API requests, see for more.

  • Replace raster with terra for examples of converting to spatial data in vignettes

  • Use vcr for enhanced testing

  • Refactor the internal handling of temporary files to allow for more efficient use of the future package

nasapower 1.1.3 2019-11-18

Bug Fixes

  • Corrects bug when querying the SB or SSE communities resulting in an error

  • Corrects example in vignette when creating a .met file

Minor Changes

  • Update documentation to use ROxygen 7.0.0

  • Add new vignette, “Using nasapower with large geographic areas”

nasapower 1.1.2 2019-09-07

nasapower 1.1.1 2019-04-18

Bug fixes

  • Fix issues reported at with failing tests. These tests should be skipped on CRAN but were not.

  • Fixes bug where missing values in POWER data were not properly replaced with NA in tibble and metFile outputs

  • Fixes bug in documentation for create_icasa() where the parameter for file_out was misidentified as just file

Minor changes

  • Users are now notified if creating a .met file that has any missing values through a console message and .csv file being written to disk to accompany the resulting .met file describing which values are missing

nasapower 1.1.0 2019-04-10

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug where .met files were not created properly including where “radn” and “rain” col headers were reversed

  • Fix Warning: Must pass a scalar integer as 'nrow' argument to 'new_tibble()'.

  • Fixes bug where “CLIMATE” could not be requested for a single point

Major changes

  • Change how GLOBAL values are requested. This is now specified in lonlat in conjunction with temporal_average = CLIMATOLOGY.

Minor changes

  • Adds example of fetching climate for a single point

  • Refactor code to split internal functions by functionality and add more complete test coverage

nasapower 1.0.7 2019-02-17

Minor changes

  • Removes internal check for data - community agreement, as all data is available for all communities, only the units change

  • Update links to latest documentation provided by the POWER team

nasapower 1.0.6 Unreleased

Minor changes

  • Adds support for WS2M_MIN, WS2M_MAX and WS2M_RANGE in AG community

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug where previous release did not support WS2M from AG community due to a local typo

nasapower 1.0.5 2019-02-02

Minor changes

  • “Fixes” Issue 32 where WS2M is not available through nasapower until the POWER team can properly address how pre-query validation should be performed

nasapower 1.0.4 2019-01-08

Minor changes

  • Corrects an instance where vignette example executed on CRAN but should not

  • Adds link to POWER website in error message when query fails

  • Documentation .Rd files are now more readable with better formatting

nasapower 1.0.3 Unreleased

Minor changes

Documentation changes

  • Flesh out examples using naspower data with raster to create spatial objects for systems with low-RAM where the functionality may not work as expected

  • Standardise formatting of vignette subheadings

  • Spell check vignette

Bug fixes

  • Fixes tests to not run on CRAN so that errors aren’t reported when API is unavailable

nasapower 1.0.2 2018-10-18

Minor changes

  • Updates documentation examples

  • Provides nicer method of printing data in R console

  • Updates tests for better coverage and removes non-functional tests

  • Removes dplyr as an Import

Bug fixes

  • Corrects issue where if() was called with a vector of length 2 or more

  • Corrects logical operators && and || where they should be & or |

  • Removes extra code in create_icasa() and create_met() that performed a duplicated check of latlon values

  • Removes unnecessary checks for latlon in get_power()

nasapower 1.0.1 2018-10-14

Minor changes

  • Provides corrections to documentation formatting as per CRAN volunteers’ requests

  • Provides edits and clarifications in DESCRIPTION’s Description and Title about the package’s uses and capabilities

nasapower 1.0.0 (unreleased) Unreleased

Major changes

  • nasapower is now a part of rOpenSci after peer-review of the code!

  • Provides access to all three communities, AG, SSE and and SB, not just AG

  • Uses new ‘POWER’ ‘API’ to download new 1/2 x 1/2 degree data

  • Adds function get_power() to get weather data and optionally metadata as well

  • Adds function create_met() to create ‘APSIM’ met objects from ‘POWER’ data

  • Adds function create_icasa() to create a text file of weather data for use in ‘DSSAT’ crop modelling

  • Internally, replaces httr package with crul

Deprecated functions

  • The get_cell and get_region functions are deprecated in favour of get_power(). The new POWER interface allows for the specification of single points or regional areas. Global coverage may be queried for Climatology. See the help for ?get_power() for more details.

nasapower 0.1.4 Unreleased

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug related to date columns where MONTH, DAY and YYYY-MM-DD were incorrectly reported in final data frame. This did not affect the weather data, YEAR or DOY columns.

nasapower 0.1.3 Unreleased

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug where lon/lat values were improperly assigned internally due to row names not being ordered correctly in get_region()

  • Fix bug reports link in DESCRIPTION file

  • Correct vignette where it had said, “both of which will which will download”

  • Correct documentation for get_region(), which incorrectly stated that it downloaded data for a 1 x 1 degree cell

Minor improvements

  • Optimise arguments used in utils::read.table() to ingest weather data in the get_cell() and get_region() functions more quickly

  • NEWS now formatted more nicely for easier reading

  • Add statement about possible performance and memory usage when using get_region() in the vignette

  • Add an example of converting the data frame to a spatial object using raster to create a raster::brick()

  • Specify in documentation that a range of days to years can be specified for download

Minor changes

  • get_region() and get_cell() now default to download all weather vars

  • Add a check to see if POWER website is responding before making request for data. If not, stop and return error message to user.

nasapower 0.1.2 Unreleased

Bug fixes

Minor improvements

  • Enhanced documentation

  • Superfluous function, .onLoad(), removed from zzz.R

  • Tidied up startup message

  • Clean up vignette

  • Build vignette faster

  • Remove DATE from DESCRIPTION

nasapower 0.1.1 Unreleased

Minor improvements

  • Fix issues in documentation, typos, incorrect links, etc.

nasapower 0.1.0 Unreleased

New features

Minor improvements

  • Better documentation

nasapower 0.0.2 Unreleased

New features

  • Added citation file

nasapower 0.0.1 Unreleased

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.

  • First release, no changes to report yet