natserv NatureServe R client

NatureServe is a non-profit organization that provides wildlife conservation related data to various groups including the public.

All functions in this package are prefixed with ns_ to prevent collision with other pkgs.

Three NatureServe web services are available in this package:

  • Name lookup (ns_search) lookup species Unique IDs (UID) by name. These UIDs are required for access to the more detailed services.
  • Image lookup (ns_images) search for metadata for NatureServe images, including the URL’s for the image files themselves.
  • Fetch data (ns_data) on over 70,000 of the plant and animal species of the United States and Canada.

You’ll need an API key to use this package. Get one by signing up at

See also the taxize book for a manual on working with taxonomic data in R, including with NatureServe data.


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