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onekp 0.2.1

First rOpenSci version

  • Transfer ownership to rOpenSci

  • Update README

  • Add .github files

  • Add reviewers to DESCRIPTION

onekp 0.2.0

The goal of this version is to address all issues raised by the rOpenSci editor (Scott Chamberlain) and my two reviewers: Jessica Minnier and Zachary Foster.

Updates based on editor comments

  • Added URL tag to DESCRIPTION

  • Added BugReports tag to DESCRIPTION

  • Wrapped all lines longer than 80 characters

  • Removed unused imports readr and tidyr

  • Split test functions into smaller test files

  • Add skip_on_cran and skip_on_travis to retrieve_onekp test

  • Save metadata as package data: data(onekp)

  • Add minimum version to taxizedb

Updates based on Zachary Foster’s review

  • Add space between equal signs in argument lists

  • Change package name from oneKP to onekp

  • Let user set the download directory (defaulting to a tempdir).

  • Re-export the magrittr %>% operator

  • Update README

  • Add

  • Add R devel test to travis

  • More package-level documentation

  • Do not export print.OneKP function

  • Add documentation details to retrieve_onekp

  • Update intro vignette

  • Do not run examples that access the internet (call retrieve_onekp)

Updates based on Jessica Minnier’s review

There was some overlap between the two reviews, here I just list updates made that are unique to this review.

  • Clarify filter_by_code and filter_by_species examples

  • Cleanup the download documentation

  • Add absolute parameter to download_* functions. If TRUE, this returns the absolute path to the retrieved data.

  • Add handling for downloading nothing: if everything is filtered out, just return an empty character vector.

  • Add test coverage for corner cases

    • filtering by clade with a clade that is not in the NCBI common tree raises an error.

    • filtering with valid input, but where no rows are selected, returns a OneKP object with 0 rows (no error).

    • download an empty object returns an empty vector of filenames (no error)

onekp 0.1.0

  • Initial release