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The object stored here should be exactly the same as the object returned from retrieve_onekp(). It is stored here for convenience and to save time in examples (retrieve_onekp takes around 30 seconds to run).

The 1000 Plants Initiative ( has sequenced the transcriptomes of over 1000 plant species. This package allows these sequences and metadata to be retrieved and filtered by code, species or recursively by clade. Scientific names and NCBI taxonomy IDs are both supported.




OneKP object

Main Functions

retrieve_onekp - retrieve all 1KP metadata

filter_by_code - filter metadata by 1KP code

filter_by_clade - filter metadata by clade

filter_by_species - filter metadata by species

download_peptides - get protein sequences linked to metadata

download_nucleotides - get DNA sequences linked to metadata


Zebulun Arendsee <email: [email protected]>

Bug Reports

Any bugs or issues can be reported at <>