Extract OSF GUIDs and Waterbutler IDs from various types of inputs. Valid looking IDs are returned as osf_id objects.




An osf_tbl, OSF URL, or a generic string containing a GUID or Waterbutler ID.


A character vector with class osf_id.

Identifier types

There are 2 types of identifiers you'll encounter on OSF. The first is the globally unique identifier, or GUID, that OSF assigns to every entity. A valid OSF GUID consists of 5 alphanumeric characters. The second type of identifier is specific to files stored on OSF. All file operations on OSF are handled via Waterbutler. A valid Waterbutler ID consists of 24 alphanumeric characters.


if (FALSE) { # extract a GUID from an OSF URL proj_id <- as_id("https://osf.io/7zqxp/") # extract waterbutler IDs from an `osf_tbl_file`` with multiple files osf_retrieve_node(proj_id) %>% osf_ls_files() %>% as_id() }