osfr (development version) Unreleased

Minor changes

  • tibble v3.0.0 is now the minimum required version


  • Fixed bug preventing uploads directly to OSF directories that contained conflicting files (#121, #129)

osfr 0.2.8 2020-02-17

Minor changes

  • Add rOpenSci reviewers to DESCRIPTION
  • Remove deleted URLs from vignette
  • Add badges for zenodo and JOSS
  • Add Makefile for common developer tasks

osfr 0.2.7 Unreleased

Important changes

osfr is now part of rOpenSci and the documentation website has moved to a new URL: https://docs.ropensci.org/osfr.

New features

Other changes

  • The getting started vignette was overhauled to better leverage multi-file transfers and is now precomputed
  • Encoded HTML symbols in node titles are now handled properly (#117)
  • osf_rm() argument recursive been renamed to recurse in order to be consistent with other functions
  • Internal links now point to the ropensci repository and new documentation URL

osfr 0.2.6 Unreleased

Improved uploading

  • New approach uses a file manifest to compare local and remote files
  • We now search for conflicting remote files within each directory queued for upload, this avoids the issue reported in (#108, thanks @tpyork)


  • Fix pkgdown deployment


  • Fix project creation on windows (#110)
  • Fix tests when PAT is undefined


  • Add JOSS paper

osfr 0.2.5 Unreleased

Multi-file transfers!

osf_download() and osf_upload() are now vectorized, making the process of adding files to or retrieving files from OSF much more convenient. This functionality required significant refactoring and brings with it several notable breaking changes (see below).

Other new features

  • osf_download() and osf_upload() gain the option to display progress bars.
  • New osf_refresh() to update an existing osf_tbl.
  • Devs can now enable logging API requests and responses by definingOSF_LOG (see Contributing for more information).

Breaking changes

  • osf_download() and osf_upload()’s overwrite argument has been replaced with conflicts, which can be set to "error" (the default), "skip", or "overwrite".
  • osf_upload()’s name argument has been removed, so it is no longer possible to upload a file and change it’s OSF name.
  • osf_download()’s path argument must point to an existing directory where all downloaded files will be saved.
  • osf_download()’s decompress argument has been removed. The zip file downloaded from OSF is always decompressed in a temp directory where the enclosed files are selectively copied to the specified path.

Minor changes

  • Better error message when user attempts to upload directly to a file (#102, @tiernanmartin).
  • crul v0.7.4 is now the minimum required version.
  • The waterbutler client will now re-attempt failed requests 3 times.
  • Consolidated internal client constructors.
  • Increased wait time on travis to avoid time outs during testing.

osfr 0.2.4 Unreleased

Minor fixes

  • Listing files within a specified path would fail if sibling directories shared a common substring in their names (#95)
  • Setting verbose=TRUE now works properly for osf_upload()
  • A startup message is printed when OSF_SERVER is defined
  • Improved documentation for n_max, GUIDs and the mysterious meta column

osfr 0.2.3 Unreleased

New features

  • Failed OSF API requests are now re-attempted 3 times (requires crul v0.7.0)

Minor fixes

  • Fix incorrect column name in empty osf_tbls (#88, @machow)
  • No longer importing modify_at()
  • Add rOpenSci badge (#89, @maelle)
  • Don’t build vignettes on travis

osfr 0.2.2 Unreleased

New features

  • Added osf_mv() to move files and directories to a new project, component, or subdirectory
  • osf_rm() can now delete files and directories

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Restructured tests to better handle environments in which OSF_PAT and/or OSF_SERVER are not defined

osfr 0.2.1 Unreleased

  • Minor tweaks to the website
  • osf_retrieve_file() will no longer retrieve files on 3rd-party storage providers, since other osfr functions currently only support OSF storage

osfr 0.2.0 Unreleased

NOTE: This version of osfr is a rewrite of the original codebase. It is effectively an entirely different package and provides no backwards compatibility with functions in versions < 0.2.0. The last version of the previous package can be installed with the remotes package:

remotes::install_github("ropensci/[email protected]")

See https://docs.ropensci.org/osfr for details about the new package.