List the projects or components associated with a user or contained in the top-level of another OSF project or component.

osf_ls_nodes(x, pattern = NULL, n_max = 10, verbose = FALSE)



one of the following:


Character string used to filter for results that contain the substring "pattern" in their name. Note: this is a fixed, case-insensitive search.


Maximum number of results to return from OSF (default is 10). Set to Inf to return all results.


Logical, indicating whether to print informative messages about interactions with the OSF API (default FALSE).


An osf_tbl_node with one row for each OSF project or component, ordered by modification time.

See also

osf_ls_files() to generate a list of files and files.


if (FALSE) { # List your recent projects and components osf_retrieve_user("me") %>% osf_ls_nodes() # List the first 10 components in the #ScanAllFish project fish_ctscans <- osf_retrieve_node("ecmz4") osf_ls_nodes(fish_ctscans) # Now just the components with scans of species from the Sphyrna genus osf_ls_nodes(fish_ctscans, pattern = "Sphyrna") }