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Imports OpenStreetMap (OSM) data into R as 'sf', 'SC', 'sp', 'data.frame' or 'xml_document' objects. OSM data are extracted from the overpass API and processed with very fast C++ routines for return to R. The package enables simple overpass queries to be constructed without the user necessarily understanding the syntax of the overpass query language, while retaining the ability to handle arbitrarily complex queries. Functions are also provided to enable recursive searching between different kinds of OSM data (for example, to find all lines which intersect a given point).


  bbox = NULL,
  overpass_call = NULL,
  meta = NULL,
  osm_points = NULL,
  osm_lines = NULL,
  osm_polygons = NULL,
  osm_multilines = NULL,
  osm_multipolygons = NULL



bounding box




metadata of overpass query, including timestamps and version numbers


OSM nodes as sf Simple Features Collection of points or sp SpatialPointsDataFrame


OSM ways sf Simple Features Collection of linestrings or sp SpatialLinesDataFrame


OSM ways as sf Simple Features Collection of polygons or sp SpatialPolygonsDataFrame


OSM relations as sf Simple Features Collection of multilinestrings or sp SpatialLinesDataFrame


OSM relations as sf Simple Features Collection of multipolygons or sp SpatialPolygonsDataFrame


Class constructor should never be used directly, and is only exported to provide access to the print method

Functions to Prepare Queries

  • getbb: Get bounding box for a given place name

  • bbox_to_string: Convert a named matrix or a named vector (or an unnamed vector) return a string

  • overpass_status: Retrieve status of the overpass API

  • opq: Build an overpass query

  • add_osm_feature: Add a feature to an overpass query

  • opq_string: Convert an osmdata query to overpass API string

Functions to Get Additional OSM Information

Functions to Extract OSM Data

Functions to Search Data

  • osm_points: Extract all osm_points objects

  • osm_lines: Extract all osm_lines objects

  • osm_polygons: Extract all osm_polygons objects

  • osm_multilines: Extract all osm_multilines objects

  • osm_multipolygons: Extract all osm_multipolygons objects


Mark Padgham, Bob Rudis, Robin Lovelace, Maëlle Salmon, Joan Maspons