Trim an osmdata object to within a bounding polygon

trim_osmdata(dat, bb_poly, exclude = TRUE)



An osmdata object returned from osmdata_sf or osmdata_sp.


A matrix representing a bounding polygon obtained with getbb (..., format_out = "polygon") (and possibly selected from resultant list where multiple polygons are returned).


If TRUE, objects are trimmed exclusively, only retaining those strictly within the bounding polygon; otherwise all objects which partly extend within the bounding polygon are retained.


A trimmed version of dat, reduced only to those components lying within the bounding polygon.


It will generally be necessary to pre-load the sf package for this function to work correctly.


if (FALSE) { dat <- opq ("colchester uk") %>% add_osm_feature (key="highway") %>% osmdata_sf (quiet = FALSE) bb <- getbb ("colchester uk", format_out = "polygon") library (sf) # required for this function to work dat_tr <- trim_osmdata (dat, bb) bb <- getbb ("colchester uk", format_out = "sf_polygon") class (bb) # sf data.frame dat_tr <- trim_osmdata (dat, bb) bb <- as (bb, "Spatial") class (bb) # SpatialPolygonsDataFrame dat_tr <- trim_osmdata (dat, bb) }