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  • Scott Chamberlain. Author.

  • Alban Sagouis. Author, maintainer.

  • Alec L. Robitaille. Contributor.

  • Maëlle Salmon. Contributor.

  • Hiroaki Yutani. Contributor.

  • Jeffrey Bogan. Contributor.
    C++ code originally from Jeffrey Bogan, but completely re-written

  • Julien Brun. Reviewer.
    Julien Brun reviewed the package, see

  • Maria Munafó. Reviewer.
    Maria Munafó reviewed the package, see

  • . Funder.



Chamberlain S, Sagouis A (2024). parzer: Parse Messy Geographic Coordinates. R package version (devel) (docs), (devel) (docs).

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