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The pkgstats package is on CRAN, so can be installed directly with,

install.packages ("pkgstats")

The latest development version can be installed via the associated r-universe. As shown there, simply enable the universe with

options (repos = c (
    ropenscireviewtools = "",
    CRAN = ""

And then call install.packages() the same way. Alternatively, the development version of the package can be installed by running one of the following lines:

remotes::install_github ("ropensci-review-tools/pkgstats")
pak::pkg_install ("ropensci-review-tools/pkgstats")

The package can then loaded for use with:

Installation on Linux systems

This package requires the system libraries ctags-universal and GNU global, both of which are automatically installed along with the package on both Windows and MacOS systems. Most Linux distributions do not include a sufficiently up-to-date version of ctags-universal, and so it must be compiled from source. This can be done by running a single function, ctags_install(), which will install both ctags-universal and GNU global.

The pkgstats package includes a function to ensure your local installations of universal-ctags and global work correctly. Please ensure you see the following prior to proceeding:

ctags_test ()
#> [1] TRUE

Note that GNU global can be linked at installation to the Universal Ctags plug-in parser to expand the default 5 languages to 30. This makes no difference to pkgstats results, as gtags output is only used to trace function call networks, which is only possible for compiled languages able to dynamically share pointers to the same objects. This is possible with the default parser regardless. The wealth of extra information obtained from linking global to the Universal Ctags parser is ultimately discarded anyway, yet parsing may take considerably longer. If this is the case, “default” behaviour may be recovered by first running the following command:

Sys.unsetenv (c ("GTAGSCONF", "GTAGSLABEL"))

See information on how to install the plugin for more details.