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use ctags and gtags to parse call data


tags_data(path, has_tabs = NULL, pkg_name = NULL)



Path to local repository


A logical flag indicating whether or not the code contains any tab characters. This can be determined from loc_stats, which has a tabs column. If not given, that value will be extracted from internally calling that function.


Only used for external_call_network, to label package-internal calls.


A list of three items:

  • "network" A data.frame of relationships between objects, generally as calls between functions in R, but other kinds of relationships in other source languages. This is effectively an edge-based network representation, and the data frame also include network metrics for each edge, calculated through representing the network in both directed (suffix "_dir") and undirected (suffix "_undir") forms.

  • "objects" A data.frame of statistics on each object (generally functions in R, and other kinds of objects in other source languages), including the kind of object, the language, numbers of lines-of-code, parameters, and lines of documentation, and a binary flag indicating whether or not R functions accept "three-dots" parameters (...).

  • "external_calls" A data.frame of every call from within every R function to any external R package, including base and recommended packages. The location of each calls is recorded, along with the external function and package being called.

See also

Other tags: ctags_install(), ctags_test()


f <- system.file ("extdata", "pkgstats_9.9.tar.gz", package = "pkgstats")
# have to extract tarball to call function on source code:
path <- extract_tarball (f)
if (FALSE) {
tags <- tags_data (path)