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Fetch a unique Qualtrics survey ID based on survey name in the Qualtrics UI


fetch_id(.data, survey_name, partial_match = FALSE)



Data frame of active surveys created by the function all_surveys().


String. Name of the survey as it appears in the Qualtrics UI. Must be unique to be passed to fetch_id().


Boolean. Will match all surveys containing the exact string provided. Defaults to FALSE, which matches against the entire name.


Survey names in the Qualtrics platform are not required to be unique, but the survey_name argument for this function must be unique. If input results in multiple surveys being matched, will error with a list of up to 5 matches & their IDs


if (FALSE) {
# Register your Qualtrics credentials if you haven't already
  api_key = "<YOUR-API-KEY>",
  base_url = "<YOUR-BASE-URL>"

# Retrieve a list of surveys
surveys <- all_surveys()

# Retrieve surveyID for a unique survey
my_id <- fetch_id(surveys, "Unique Survey Name")