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qualtRics (development version)

  • Fixed bug when a survey question has both recoded values and variable naming thanks to @Haunfelder (#343)

qualtRics 3.2.0

CRAN release: 2024-01-24

  • Changed how multiple choice questions are mapped to an R factor with the convert argument to fetch_survey(), to now excluding NA as a factor level (#315)

  • Deprecated the save_dir and force_request arguments for fetch_survey(), so that survey response downloads are no longer cached; calls to fetch_survey() now always query the Qualtrics API (#317)

  • Added new tmp_dir argument to fetch_survey() so users can specify where survey results are briefly stored on disk (#327)

qualtRics 3.1.7

CRAN release: 2022-11-18

qualtRics 3.1.6

CRAN release: 2022-06-06

qualtRics 3.1.5

CRAN release: 2021-09-14

  • Add fetch_description() to download complete survey description metadata from v3 API endpoint (more up-to-date than older metadata()) thanks to @jmobrien (#207)
  • Warn users about possible incorrect results from API when breakout_sets and label are both FALSE
  • Refactor internal URL creation for API calls thanks to @jmobrien (#225)
  • Add fetch_id() to return a surveyID based on a unique survey name as it appears in the Qualtrics UI thanks to @markjrieke (#230).

qualtRics 3.1.4

CRAN release: 2021-01-14

  • Add fetch_distributions() to access distribution data for a specific survey thanks to @dsen6644 (#169)
  • Handle mailing list embedded data better thanks to @dsen6644 (#175)
  • Updated links to API documentation
  • Create unique column names for questions using choiceId thanks to @lyh970817 (#182)
  • Fix bug when include_questions only contains one QID thanks to @lyh970817 (#197)
  • Generate correct/updated column mapping for survey responses thanks to @jmobrien (#199). These column mappings are available as an attribute on survey results or via the new extract_colmap() function.

qualtRics 3.1.3

CRAN release: 2020-05-22

qualtRics 3.1.2

CRAN release: 2020-02-24

qualtRics 3.1.1

CRAN release: 2019-09-23

  • Fix bug in infer_data_types() to avoid errors with factors/numeric values
  • Improvements to documentation, error checking
  • Allow user to access column mapping for questions and IDs (#115)
  • Deprecate registerOptions() to avoid unexpected behavior with options
  • Make data import more robust with more condition and error checking, as well as better defaults

qualtRics 3.1.0

CRAN release: 2019-04-12

  • New maintainer: Julia Silge
  • Add all previous contributors to DESCRIPTION as ctb
  • Declare testthat dependency in DESCRIPTION (reason for previous archiving from CRAN)
  • Simpler approach for storing API credentials as environment variables with qualtrics_api_credentials() (registerOptions() is now soft deprecated with a warning)
  • Simplify README (keep all existing detailed workflow documentation in vignette)
  • Relicense from GPL-3 to MIT. See consent from authors here.
  • Improvements to documentation throughout
  • Renaming (with warnings on old versions) of key functions for clarity and reduction in confusion, plus improvements:

qualtRics 3.0 (2018-02-03)

CRAN release: 2018-02-05


  • Added ‘metadata’ function that allows the user to retrieve detailed metadata about survey.
  • User can now convert specific question types automatically. See this page for more information.



  • Added .onDetach conditions so that environment variables (root url and API key) are removed when package is unloaded. This prevents issues if user decides to load the package again.
  • We found that surveys that use new lines in the questions break the readSurvey function. The problem is, that read.csv (and read.table as well as the readr library implementation) ignore the quote = “"” option when a skip = 2 or skip = 3 parameter is set. As a result the read function slices off the questions row somewhere in the middle when first importing just the table body using skip.


  • convertstandardcolumns deprecated since readr::read_csv does this automagically. It has been changed in config file to ‘convertvariables’.

qualtRics 2.2 (2017-10-27)

CRAN release: 2017-10-27

  • readSurvey() now takes an additional argument, fileEncoding, so that user can import surveys using a specific encoding. ‘fileEncoding’ can also be passed as optional argument in getSurvey(). Added new parameter that reads legacy data format.
  • Better argument checking.
  • getSurveyQuestions() now returns additional information. h/t @phoebewong
  • Fixes several bugs and stability issues
  • More informative error messages

qualtRics 2.0 (2017-06-16)

CRAN release: 2017-06-16

  • registerOptions() now takes more arguments. User can now set global options. See qualtRicsConfigFile() for more information. Same options are now passed through ... in specific functions.
  • Added appveyor testing.
  • Added support for a configuration file to store API key and root url in the working directory.
  • registerApiKey() has been replaced by registerOptions(). This function stores both a user’s API key and root url. Function also scans for a configuration file .qualtRics.yml that contains this information.
  • Added a new script called zzz.R. When the package is loaded, the .onLoad() function in this file scans the working directory for a .qualtRics.yml configuration file so that the user doesn’t have to register this information manually.
  • Added a new function qualtRicsConfigFile() that prints instructions for the user on how to set up a configuration file to the R Console.
  • Removed the root_url parameter from all functions that required it.
  • Dates are now converted without a specific timezone.
  • Added a new function getSurveyQuestions() that allows the user to download a data frame containing question labels and IDs.
  • Added parameter includedQuestionIds so user can select questions they want to download. Need to use the QID value from getSurveyQuestions().
  • Updated examples and documentation of functions.
  • Added the following parameters to getSurvey():
    • seenUnansweredRecode: String. Recode seen but unanswered questions with a string value.
    • limit: Integer. Maximum number of responses exported. Defaults to NULL (all responses).
    • useLocalTime: Boolean. Use local timezone to determine response date values.
  • getSurveys() now retrieves > 100 results.

qualtRics 1.0 (2016-10-13)

CRAN release: 2017-04-26

  • Added a new function readSurvey(). This function is used in the getSurvey() function but will also work with surveys downloaded manually from Qualtrics. Standard columns (completed survey/startDate/endDate etc.) are now converted to their proper data types. HT Adrian Brugger & Stefan Borer.
  • User can only download surveys in CSV format, no longer in XML or JSON.
  • Added several new parameters to getSurvey() function. HT @samuelkaminsky & @eknud
    • LastResponseId: If used, only responses that were filled out later than this ID will be downloaded.
    • UseLabels: If TRUE, download will contain character labels. Else, download will contain choice labels.
    • StartDate: Only download responses after this date.
    • EndDate: Only download responses before this date.
  • Survey downloads should be faster now; getSurvey() no longer sleeps when checking download status. Also added progress bar.

qualtRics 0.03 [beta]

  • User can choose to save results directly in a folder through ‘save_dir’ parameter in getSurvey()
  • Results can now be requested in .csv, .json or .xml format. The packages jsonlite and XML are added to ‘Suggests’ in DESCRIPTION.
  • constructHeader() is now deprecated and should no longer be used. Instead, users need to call registerApiKey().
  • Added a new function registerApiKey() which saves the user’s API key and header information in the tempdir() environment.

qualtRics 0.02 [beta]

  • Renamed ‘base url’ to ‘root url’ such that it corresponds to Qualtrics documentation.
  • The root url no longer requires API-specific endpoints. So e.g. ‘’ now works for all functions. The API-specific endpoints are added in the functions itself.
  • Institution-specific root url is now required by getSurvey()

qualtRics 0.01 [beta]

  • Added first three functions (constructHeader, getSurvey, getSurveyIDs)
  • base_url parameter is now uniform across functions. Parameter is called ‘root url’ to bring it in line with Qualtrics documentation.