Using this function, you can retrieve metadata about your survey. This information includes question metadata (type, options, choices, etc), number of responses, general metadata, survey flow, etc.

metadata(surveyID, get = list(), ...)



A string. Unique ID for the survey you want to download. Returned as 'id' by the getSurveys function.


A list containing `TRUE`/`FALSE` values of one of the following: `metadata`, `questions`, `responsecounts`, `blocks`, `flow`, `embedded_data`, or `comments`. A `TRUE` value will return that specific element. If you leave this empty, the function will return the `metadata`, `questions`, and `responsecounts` elements. See examples below for more information.


Additional options. User may pass an argument called `questions`, which should be a vector containing the names of questions for which you want to return metadata.


if (FALSE) { # Register your Qualtrics credentials if you haven't already qualtrics_api_credentials( api_key = "<YOUR-API-KEY>", base_url = "<YOUR-BASE-URL>" ) # Retrieve a list of surveys surveys <- all_surveys() # Get metadata for a survey md <- metadata(surveyID = surveys$id[6]) # Get metadata with specific elements md_specific <- metadata( surveyID = id, get = list(questions = FALSE, flow = TRUE) ) # Get specific question metadata question_specific <- metadata( surveyID = id, get = list(questions = TRUE), questions = c("Q1", "Q2") ) # Example of a metadata file file <- system.file("extdata", "metadata.rds", package = "qualtRics") # Load metadata_ex <- readRDS(file = file) }