Retrieve a data frame containing question IDs and labels




A string. Unique ID for the survey you want to download. Returned as id by the all_surveys function.

See also

See for documentation on the Qualtrics API.


if (FALSE) { # Register your Qualtrics credentials if you haven't already qualtrics_api_credentials( api_key = "<YOUR-API-KEY>", base_url = "<YOUR-BASE-URL>" ) # Retrieve a list of surveys surveys <- all_surveys() # Retrieve questions for a survey questions <- survey_questions(surveyID = surveys$id[6]) # Retrieve a single survey, filtering for specific questions mysurvey <- fetch_survey( surveyID = surveys$id[6], save_dir = tempdir(), include_questions = c("QID1", "QID2", "QID3"), verbose = TRUE ) }