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Provides the download location for download_ramlegacy in an OS independent manner. This is also the location from where load_ramlegacy loads the database from.


ram_dir(vers = NULL)



character, version number of the database. As of writing this package, the available versions are "1.0", "2.0", "2.5", "3.0", "4.3","4.40", "4.41", and "4.44". If version is not specified the ram_dir() returns the path to the rappdirs top-level directory which stores all the version subdirectories.

See also

Other ramlegacy functions: download_ramlegacy, load_ramlegacy


# return the path to the rappdirs directory where
# all version subdirectories are stored
#> [1] "/tmp/Rtmpr6TOGf/file5dd739dd57f"

# Returns the path of the subdirectory where v4.3
# of the database is downloaded to and read from.
ram_dir(vers = "4.3")
#> [1] "/tmp/Rtmpr6TOGf/file5dd739dd57f"