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Retrieve distributions data available for a given taxon concept for which the the taxon identifier is known.


  language = "en",
  raw = FALSE,
  token = NULL,
  verbose = TRUE,
  pause = 1,



a vector of character strings containing species' taxon concept identifiers (see spp_taxonconcept()).


vector of character strings indicating the language for the names of distributions, values are taken among en (English), fr (French) and es (Spanish). Default is en.


a logical. Should raw data be returned?


a character string containing the authentification token, see Default is set to NULL and requires the environment variable SPECIESPLUS_TOKEN to be set directly in Renviron. Alternatively, set_token() can be used to set SPECIESPLUS_TOKEN for the current session.


a logical. Should extra information be reported on progress?


a duration (in second) to suspend execution for (see Sys.sleep()). This was added cause the web API returns a 404 error too many requests in a short time interval.


Further named parameters, see httr::GET().


If raw is set to TRUE then an object of class spp_raw (or spp_raw_multi if length(taxon_id)>1) is returned which is essentially a list of lists (see option as = 'parsed' in httr::content()). Otherwise, an object of class spp_distr (or spp_distr_multi if length(taxon_id) > 1) is returned which is a list of two data frames:

  1. distributions: lists distributions for a given taxon concept,

  2. references: lists the corresponding references. In case taxon_id includes several elements


if (FALSE) {
 # this calls will only work if a token is set and valid
 res1 <- spp_distributions(taxon_id = '4521')
 res2 <- spp_distributions(taxon_id = c('4521', '3210', '10255'))
 res3 <- spp_distributions(taxon_id = '4521', raw = TRUE)
 res4 <- spp_distributions(taxon_id = '4521', language = 'fr',
 verbose = FALSE, config = httr::progress())