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Retrieve current EU annex listings, SRG opinions, and EU suspensions for a given taxon concept (identifier must be known).


  scope = "current",
  language = "en",
  raw = FALSE,
  token = NULL,
  verbose = TRUE,
  pause = 1,



a vector of character strings containing species' taxon concept identifiers (see spp_taxonconcept()).


vector of character strings indicating the time scope of legislation, values are taken among current, historic and all. Default is set to current.


vector of character strings indicating the language for the text of legislation notes, values are taken among en (English), fr (French) and es (Spanish). Default is en.


a logical. Should raw data be returned?


a character string containing the authentification token, see Default is set to NULL and requires the environment variable SPECIESPLUS_TOKEN to be set directly in Renviron. Alternatively, set_token() can be used to set SPECIESPLUS_TOKEN for the current session.


a logical. Should extra information be reported on progress?


a duration (in second) to suspend execution for (see Sys.sleep()). This was added cause the web API returns a 404 error too many requests in a short time interval.


Further named parameters, see httr::GET().


If raw is set to TRUE then an object of class spp_raw (or spp_raw_multi if length(taxon_id)>1) is returned which is essentially a list of lists (see option as = 'parsed' in httr::content()). Otherwise, an object of class spp_eu_leg (or spp_eu_leg_multi if length(taxon_id)>1) is returned which is a list of two data frames:

  1. eu_listings: lists EU annex listings EU suspensions,

  2. eu_decisions: lists EU decisions


if (FALSE) {
# this calls will only work if a token is set and valid
res1 <- spp_eu_legislation(taxon_id = '4521')
res2 <- spp_eu_legislation(taxon_id = c('4521', '3210', '10255'))
res3 <- spp_eu_legislation(taxon_id = '4521', scope = 'historic')
res4 <- spp_eu_legislation(taxon_id = '4521', scope = 'all', language='fr',
 verbose = FALSE, config=httr::verbose())