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Crossref Filter Names

These are associated with the Fundref API

Since these Crossref options use dashes in the names in the API, we provide a crosswalk to these so that you can use underscores wherever they use dashes. Also, filters that have dots in them are undscores instead, so license.url becomes license_url. Additionally, using colons is not very R like, so if Crossref requires has-funder:true, just do has-funder=TRUE in R. Pass these options in to the cr_*() functions in the filter parameter as a list, e.g., filter=list(has_funder=TRUE, has_full_text=TRUE)

Filters allow you to narrow queries. All filter results are lists. The following filters are supported:

filter possible values description
has_funder {logical} metadata which includes one or more funder entry
funder {funder_id} metadata which include the {funder_id} in FundRef data
prefix {owner_prefix} metadata belonging to a DOI owner prefix {owner_prefix} (e.g. 10.1016 )
member {member_id} metadata belonging to a CrossRef member
from_index_date {date} metadata indexed since (inclusive) {date}
until_index_date {date} metadata indexed before (inclusive) {date}
from_deposit_date {date} metadata last (re)deposited since (inclusive) {date}
until_deposit_date {date} metadata last (re)deposited before (inclusive) {date}
from_update_date {date} Metadata updated since (inclusive) {date}. Currently the same as from_deposit_date.
until_update_date {date} Metadata updated before (inclusive) {date}. Currently the same as until_deposit_date.
from_first_deposit_date {date} metadata first deposited since (inclusive) {date} 1
until_first_deposit_date {date} metadata first deposited before (inclusive) {date} 2
from_pub_date {date} metadata where published date is since (inclusive) {date}
until_pub_date {date} metadata where published date is before (inclusive) {date}
has_license {logical} metadata that includes any <license_ref> elements.
license_url {url} metadata where <license_ref> value equals {url}
license_version {string} metadata where the <license_ref>’s applies_to attribute is {string}
license_delay {integer} metadata where difference between publication date and the <license_ref>’s start_date attribute is <= {integer} (in days)
has_full_text {logical} metadata that includes any full text <resource> elements.
full_text_version {string} metadata where <resource> element’s content_version attribute is {string}.
full_text_type {mime_type} metadata where <resource> element’s content_type attribute is {mime_type} (e.g. application/pdf).
public_references metadata where publishers allow references to be distributed publicly. 3
has_references {logical} metadata for works that have a list of references
has_archive {logical} metadata which include name of archive partner
archive {string} metadata which where value of archive partner is {string}
has_orcid {logical} metadata which includes one or more ORCIDs
orcid {orcid} metadata where <orcid> element’s value = {orcid}
issn {issn} metadata where record has an ISSN = {issn}. Format is xxxx-xxxx.
type {type} metadata records whose type = {type}. Type must be an ID value from the list of types returned by the /types resource
directory {directory} metadata records whose article or serial are mentioned in the given {directory}. Currently the only supported value is doaj.
doi {doi} metadata describing the DOI {doi}
updates {doi} metadata for records that represent editorial updates to the DOI {doi}
is_update {logical} metadata for records that represent editorial updates
has_update_policy {logical} metadata for records that include a link to an editorial update policy
container_title metadata for records with a publication title exactly with an exact match
publisher_name metadata for records with an exact matching publisher name
category_name metadata for records with an exact matching category label
type_name metadata for records with an exactly matching type label
award_number {award_number} metadata for records with a matching award number. Optionally combine with award_funder
award_funder {funder doi or id} metadata for records with an award with matching funder. Optionally combine with award_number
from_created_date {date} metadata first deposited since (inclusive) {date}
until_created_date {date} metadata first deposited before (inclusive) {date}
affiliation metadata for records with at least one contributor with the given affiliation
has_affiliation metadata for records that have any affiliation information
article_number metadata for records with a given article number
alternative_id metadata for records with the given alternative ID, which may be a publisher_specific ID, or any other identifier a publisher may have provided
assertion_group metadata for records with an assertion in a particular group
assertion metadata for records with a particular named assertion