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Gather information about EUtils generally, or a given Eutils database. Note: The most common uses-cases for the einfo util are finding the list of search fields available for a given database or the other NCBI databases to which records in a given database might be linked. Both these use cases are implemented in higher-level functions that return just this information (entrez_db_searchable and entrez_db_links respectively). Consequently most users will not have a reason to use this function (though it is exported by rentrez for the sake of completeness.


entrez_info(db = NULL, config = NULL)



character database about which to retrieve information (optional)


config vector passed on to httr::GET


XMLInternalDocument with information describing either all the databases available in Eutils (if db is not set) or one particular database (set by 'db')

See also

config for available httr configurations

Other einfo: entrez_db_links(), entrez_db_searchable(), entrez_db_summary(), entrez_dbs()


if (FALSE) {
all_the_data <- entrez_info()
XML::xpathSApply(all_the_data, "//DbName", xmlValue)