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An interface to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)

How to cite ITIS. From

To cite data obtained from ITIS, the following citation format is offered as a suggestion:

Retrieved [month, day, year], from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System on-line database,

ITIS is one of many different taxonomic data sources. Other include: Catalogue of Life (and COL+), NCBI taxonomy, International Plant Names Index, Index Fungorum, and more. The Wikipedia entry ( states that ITIS has a North American focus, but includes many taxa not in North America.


  • “mononomial”: a taxonomic name with one part, e.g, Poa
  • “binomial”: a taxonomic name with two parts, e.g, Poa annua
  • “trinomial”: a taxonomic name with three parts, e.g, Poa annua annua


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  • License: MIT
  • Get citation information for ritis in R doing citation(package = 'ritis')
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