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Contributions are more than welcome. Please begin by reading our code of conduct. There are several ways to contribute:

  • Examples: More examples are always helpful. If you use rnassqs to query data from ‘Quick Stats’ and would like to contribute your query, consider submitting a pull request adding your query as a file in inst/examples/.
  • File an issue: If there is functionality you’d like to see added or something that is confusing, consider creating an issue. The best issue contains an example of the problem or feature. Consider the excellent package reprex in creating a reproducible example.
  • Contributing documentation: Clarifying and expanding the documentation is always appreciated, especially if you find an area that is lacking and would like to improve it. rnassqs uses roxygen2, which means the documentation is at the top of each function definition. Please submit any improvements as a pull request.
  • Contributing code: if you see something that needs improving and you’d like to make the changes, contributed code is very welcome. Begin by filing a new issue to discuss the proposed change, and then submit a pull request to address the issue. rnassqs follows the style outlined in Hadley Wickham’s R Packages. Following this style makes the pull request and review go more smoothly.