rnassqs 0.6.0 Unreleased

  • nassqs_record_count() now validates parameters.
  • add defined parameters for common parameters in function call (thanks rdinter!).
  • add option to see valid parameter values given a query of other values in get_param_values().

rnassqs 0.5.0 2019-08-19

  • approval for rOpensci inclusion!
  • additional testing to improve code coveral by @nealrichardson
  • small changes for rOpensci review process
  • switch to rOpensci repository
  • Change in syntax to allow for lower case query parameter values
  • Change in syntax to allow for specifying each parameter as a separate function argument rather than as a single list (in addition to specifying a single list)
  • Create package website with pkgdown
  • Standardize code style in package code, examples, and vignette
  • Simplify authentication
  • Expanded test coverage with use of httptest::with_mock_api()
  • Better clarification in documentation and documentation examples
  • Improved README and vignette

rnassqs Unreleased

  • Development version

rnassqs 0.4.0 2019-05-03

  • Add automated unit tests that work locally and others that work on CRAN.
  • Improve documentation for core functions.
  • Add parsing for CSV formatted data.
  • Improve authentication.
  • Simplify function calls to eliminate redundant calls.
  • Add working examples and tests.
  • fix name error in the function nassqs_params_values to nassqs_param_values

rnassqs 0.3.0 Unreleased

  • Prepare package for CRAN submission.
  • Vignettes and README.md are up to date with respect to current functions.
  • Fix tests.
  • Minor spelling fixes contributed by Julia Piaskowski <@jpiaskowski>
  • Remove test code that couldn’t be run due to API needing authentication.