All functions


Create an endpoint for accepting connections and bind it to the socket referenced by the socket argument.

connect.socket() disconnect.socket()

Connect the socket referenced by the socket argument to the endpoint specified by the endpoint argument.

init.context() init.socket()

initailize zmq context and zmq socket


create a message object.


Polls a list of sockets, waiting for the presence of a nonblocking read, write, or error event.


Receive multipart ZMQ message

receive.socket() receive.null.msg() receive.string() receive.double()

Receive a message from the socket referenced by the socket argument.


Send multipart ZMQ message.

send.socket() send.null.msg() send.raw.string()

send a message.

set.hwm() set.swap() set.affinity() set.identity() subscribe() unsubscribe() set.rate() set.recovery.ivl() set.recovery.ivl.msec() set.mcast.loop() set.sndbuf() set.rcvbuf() set.linger() set.reconnect.ivl() set.zmq.backlog() set.reconnect.ivl.max() get.rcvmore() get.last.endpoint() get.send.timeout() set.send.timeout()

set a socket option.

zmq.errno() zmq.strerror()

get libzmq error numbers and error strings


get version of libzmq