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Create and get database indexes


db_index(cushion, dbname, as = "list", ...)

db_index_create(cushion, dbname, body, as = "list", ...)

db_index_delete(cushion, dbname, design, index_name, as = "list", ...)



A Cushion object. Required.


(character) Database name, required


(character) One of list (default) or json


Curl args passed on to HttpClient


(named list) index fields, required


(character) Design document name


(character) index name


JSON as a character string or a list (determined by the as parameter)

Body parameters

  • index (json) - JSON object describing the index to create.

  • ddoc (string) - Name of the design document in which the index will be created. By default, each index will be created in its own design document. Indexes can be grouped into design documents for efficiency. However, a change to one index in a design document will invalidate all other indexes in the same document (similar to views). Optional

  • name (string) - Name of the index. If no name is provided, a name will be generated automatically. Optional

  • type (string) - Can be "json" or "text". Defaults to json. Geospatial indexes will be supported in the future. Optional Text indexes are supported via a third party library Optional

  • partial_filter_selector (json) - A selector to apply to documents at indexing time, creating a partial index. Optional


if (FALSE) {
user <- Sys.getenv("COUCHDB_TEST_USER")
pwd <- Sys.getenv("COUCHDB_TEST_PWD")
(x <- Cushion$new(user = user, pwd = pwd))

# create a database first
if ("testing" %in% db_list(x)) {
  invisible(db_delete(x, dbname = "testing"))
db_create(x, "testing")

# get indexes
db_index(x, "testing")

# create indexes
body <- list(index = list(fields = I("foo")), name = "foo-index", type = "json")
db_index_create(x, "testing", body = body)

# get indexes, after creating another index
db_index(x, "testing")

# delete an index
res <- db_index(x, "testing")
db_index_delete(x, "testing", res$indexes[[2]]$ddoc, res$indexes[[2]]$name)
## and it's gone
db_index(x, "testing")