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Search design documents


  params = list(),
  body = list(),
  as = "list",

design_search_many(cushion, dbname, design, view, queries, as = "list", ...)



A Cushion object. Required.


(character) Database name. required.


(character) Design document name. this is the design name without _design/, which is prepended internally. required.


(character) a view, same as fxn param in design_create_(). required.


query parameters. a named list


same as params, but if any given, a POST request is sent (if body non-NULL, params also sent). a named list


(character) One of list (default) or json


Curl args passed on to HttpClient


a list of named lists of queries


JSON as a character string or a list (determined by the as parameter)

Options to pass to params, body, or queries params

  • conflicts (logical) Includes conflicts information in response. Ignored if include_docs isn't TRUE. Default: FALSE

  • descending (logical) Return the documents in descending by key order. Default: FALSE

  • endkey,end_key (list) Stop returning records when the specified key is reached. Optional. end_key is an alias for endkey

  • endkey_docid,end_key_doc_id (character) Stop returning records when the specified document ID is reached. Requires endkey to be specified for this to have any effect. Optional. end_key_doc_id is an alias for endkey_docid

  • group (logical) Group the results using the reduce function to a group or single row. Default: FALSE

  • group_level (integer) Specify the group level to be used. Optional

  • include_docs (logical) Include the associated document with each row. Default: FALSE.

  • attachments (logical) Include the Base64-encoded content of attachments in the documents that are included if include_docs is TRUE. Ignored if include_docs isn't TRUE. Default: FALSE

  • att_encoding_info (logical) Include encoding information in attachment stubs if include_docs is TRUE and the particular attachment is compressed. Ignored if include_docs isn't TRUE. Default: FALSE.

  • inclusive_end (logical) Specifies whether the specified end key should be included in the result. Default: TRUE

  • key (list) Return only documents that match the specified key. Optional

  • keys (list) Return only documents where the key matches one of the keys specified in the array. Optional

  • limit (integer) Limit the number of the returned documents to the specified number. Optional

  • reduce (logical) Use the reduction function. Default: TRUE

  • skip (integer) Skip this number of records before starting to return the results. Default: 0

  • sorted (logical) Sort returned rows (see Sorting Returned Rows). Setting this to FALSE offers a performance boost. The total_rows and offset fields are not available when this is set to FALSE. Default: TRUE

  • stale (character) Allow the results from a stale view to be used. Supported values: ok and update_after. Optional

  • startkey,start_key (list) Return records starting with the specified key. Optional. start_key is an alias for startkey

  • startkey_docid,start_key_doc_id (character) Return records starting with the specified document ID. Requires startkey to be specified for this to have any effect. Optional. start_key_doc_id is an alias for startkey_docid

  • update_seq (logical) Response includes an update_seq value indicating which sequence id of the database the view reflects. Default: FALSE



if (FALSE) {
user <- Sys.getenv("COUCHDB_TEST_USER")
pwd <- Sys.getenv("COUCHDB_TEST_PWD")
(x <- Cushion$new(user=user, pwd=pwd))

file <- system.file("examples/omdb.json", package = "sofa")
strs <- readLines(file)

## create a database
if ("omdb" %in% db_list(x)) {
  invisible(db_delete(x, dbname="omdb"))
db_create(x, dbname='omdb')

## add the documents
invisible(db_bulk_create(x, "omdb", strs))

# Create a view, the easy way, but less flexible
design_create(x, dbname='omdb', design='view1', fxnname="foobar1")
design_create(x, dbname='omdb', design='view2', fxnname="foobar2",
design_create(x, dbname='omdb', design='view5', fxnname="foobar3",
design_create_(x, dbname='omdb', design='view6', fxnname="foobar4",
  fxn = "function(doc){emit(doc._id,doc.Country)}")

# Search using a view
compact <- function(l) Filter(Negate(is.null), l)
res <- design_search(x, dbname='omdb', design='view2', view ='foobar2')
      function(z) length(z) == 2,
      lapply(res$rows, function(x) compact(x[names(x) %in% c('id', 'value')]))

res <- design_search(x, dbname='omdb', design='view5', view = 'foobar3')
    lapply(res$rows, function(x) x$value)
  ), .Names = c('Country', 'imdbRating'))

# query parameters
## limit
design_search(x, dbname='omdb', design='view5', view = 'foobar3',
  params = list(limit = 5))
## limit and skip
design_search(x, dbname='omdb', design='view5', view = 'foobar3',
  params = list(limit = 5, skip = 3))
## with start and end keys
### important: the key strings have to be in JSON, so here e.g., 
###  need to add escaped double quotes
res <- design_search(
  cushion = x,
  dbname = 'omdb',
  design = 'view6',
  view = 'foobar4',
  params = list(
    startkey = "\"c25bbf4fef99408b3e1115374a03f642\"",
    endkey = "\"c25bbf4fef99408b3e1115374a040f11\""

# POST request
ids <- vapply(db_alldocs(x, dbname='omdb')$rows[1:3], "[[", "", "id")
res <- design_search(x, dbname='omdb', design='view6', view = 'foobar4',
  body = list(keys = ids), verbose = TRUE)

# Many queries at once in a POST request
queries <- list(
  list(keys = ids),
  list(limit = 3, skip = 2)
design_search_many(x, 'omdb', 'view6', 'foobar4', queries)