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About sofa

sofa provides an interface to the NoSQL database CouchDB ( Methods are provided for managing databases within CouchDB, including creating/deleting/updating/transferring, and managing documents within databases. One can connect with a local CouchDB instance, or a remote CouchDB databases such as Cloudant ( Documents can be inserted directly from vectors, lists, data.frames, and JSON.

Client connections

All functions take as their first parameter a client connection object, or a cushion. Create the object with Cushion. You can have multiple connection objects in an R session.

CouchDB versions

sofa was built assuming CouchDB version 2 or greater. Some functionality of this package will work with versions < 2, while some may not (mango queries, see db_query()). I don't plan to support older CouchDB versions per se.

Digits after the decimal

If you have any concern about number of digits after the decimal in your documents, make sure to look at digits in your R options. The default value is 7 (see options for more informnation). You can set the value you like with e.g., options(digits = 10), and get what digits is set to with getOption("digits").

Note that in doc_create() we convert your document to JSON with jsonlite::toJSON() if given as a list, which has a digits parameter. We pass getOption("digits") to the digits parameter in jsonlite::toJSON().

Defunct functions


Yaoxiang Li

Scott Chamberlain

Eduard Szöcs