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Download STATS19 data for a year


  year = NULL,
  type = NULL,
  data_dir = get_data_directory(),
  file_name = NULL,
  ask = FALSE,
  silent = FALSE,
  timeout = 600



A year matching file names on the STATS19 data release page e.g. 2020


One of 'collision', 'casualty', 'Vehicle'; defaults to 'collision'. This text string is used to match the file names released by the DfT.


Parent directory for all downloaded files. Defaults to tempdir().


The file name (DfT named) to download.


Should you be asked whether or not to download the files? TRUE by default.


Boolean. If FALSE (default value), display useful progress messages on the screen.


Timeout in seconds for the download if current option is less than this value. Defaults to 600 (10 minutes).


This function downloads and unzips UK road crash data. It results in unzipped .csv files that are put in the temporary directory specified by get_data_directory() or provided data_dir.

The file downloaded would be for a specific year (e.g. 2022). It could also be a file containing data for a range of two (e.g. 2005-2014).

The dl_* functions can download many MB of data so ensure you have a sufficient internet access and hard disk space.

See also


# \donttest{
if (curl::has_internet()) {
  # type by default is collisions table
  dl_stats19(year = 2022)
  # with type as casualty
  dl_stats19(year = 2022, type = "casualty")
  # try another year
  dl_stats19(year = 2018)
#> More than one file found, selecting the first.
#> Files identified: dft-road-casualty-statistics-casualty-2022.csv
#> Attempt downloading from:
#> Data saved at /tmp/Rtmpm9bakW/dft-road-casualty-statistics-casualty-2022.csv
#> Files identified: dft-road-casualty-statistics-casualty-2022.csv
#> Data already exists in data_dir, not downloading
#> More than one file found, selecting the first.
#> Files identified: dft-road-casualty-statistics-casualty-2018.csv
#> Attempt downloading from:
#> Data saved at /tmp/Rtmpm9bakW/dft-road-casualty-statistics-casualty-2018.csv
# }