This function is a wrapper around ppp function and it is used to transform STATS19 data into a ppp format.

format_ppp(data, window = NULL, ...)



A STATS19 dataframe to be converted into ppp format.


A windows of observation, an object of class owin(). If window = NULL (i.e. the default) then the function creates an approximate bounding box covering the whole UK. It can also be used to filter only the events occurring in a specific region of UK (see the examples of get_stats19).


Additional parameters that should be passed to ppp function. Read the help page of that function for a detailed description of the available parameters.


A ppp object.

See also

format_sf for an analogous function used to convert data into sf format and ppp for the original spatstat function.


if (requireNamespace("spatstat", quietly = TRUE)) { x_ppp = format_ppp(accidents_sample) spatstat::plot.ppp(spatstat::unmark(x_ppp)) }
#> Registered S3 method overwritten by 'spatstat': #> method from #> print.boxx cli