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Download vehicle data from the DVSA MOT API using VRM.


get_MOT(vrm, apikey)



A list of VRMs as character strings.


Your API key as a character string.


This function takes a a character vector of vehicle registrations (VRMs) and returns vehicle data from MOT records. It returns a data frame of those VRMs which were successfully used with the DVSA MOT API.

Information on the DVSA MOT API is available here:

The DVSA MOT API requires a registration. The function therefore requires the API key provided by the DVSA. Be aware that the API has usage limits. The function will therefore limit lists with more than 150,000 VRMs.


# \donttest{
vrm = c("1RAC","P1RAC")
apikey = Sys.getenv("MOTKEY")
if(nchar(apikey) > 0) {
  get_MOT(vrm = vrm, apikey = apikey)
# }