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Download DVLA-based vehicle data from the TfL API using VRM.





A list of VRMs as character strings.


This function takes a character vector of vehicle registrations (VRMs) and returns DVLA-based vehicle data from TfL's API, included ULEZ eligibility. It returns a data frame of those VRMs which were successfully used with the TfL API. Vehicles are either compliant, non-compliant or exempt. ULEZ-exempt vehicles will not have all vehicle details returned - they will simply be marked "exempt".

Be aware that the API has usage limits. The function will therefore limit API calls to below 50 per minute - this is the maximum rate before an API key is required.


# \donttest{
if(curl::has_internet()) {
vrm = c("1RAC","P1RAC")
get_ULEZ(vrm = vrm)
#> This script only does 50 vrms per minute at most
#> Warning: TfL ULEZ API is producing some strange results currently
  |                                                                      |   0%
#>     vrm API Status
#> 1  1RAC        404
#> 2 P1RAC        404
# }