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When partial volume correction (PVC) is used in PMOD, the saved tac files have ROIs with and without PVC. When loaded with load_tac()) it may be desirable to keep only either the PVC or non-PVC tacs. This returns a tac object that is a subset of the input tac object with only the PVC or non-PVC tacs. This relies on PMOD's convention of labelling tac columns with "_C".


split_pvc(tac, PVC = TRUE)



The time-activity curve data from loading function (PMOD)


If TRUE, includes columns with "_C", if FALSE, ones without "_C"


Time-activity curve object

See also

Other tac functions: plot.tac, save_tac, tac_roi


# f_raw_tac and f_raw_vol are the filenames of PMOD-generated files
f_raw_tac <- system.file("extdata", "AD06.tac", package="tacmagic") 

tac <- load_tac(f_raw_tac)
tac_pvc <- split_pvc(tac, TRUE)
tac_nc <- split_pvc(tac, FALSE)